Online Consultation by Midwives


Business hours for English speakers

Weekdays 10 am-3 pm
Weekends and Holidays upon request

Recommend for clients who require an online midwife consultation in English.
Moto is a Midwife and IBCLC. She has experience in fertility treatment and childbirth in both Japan and the US.

About us

Your Family Midwife

Minato Maternity Center is a midwifery clinic in Tokyo.  By starting our service online, we are now able to connect with expectant and nursing mothers national wide. From your own PC or smartphone, you can take one-on-one antenatal classes and receive individual prenatal and postnatal consultations.  



The services we provide the following:
⁃ Prenatal education
⁃ Childcare
⁃ Positioning and attachment
⁃ Sore nipple
⁃ Breast engorgement
⁃ Plugged ducts and/or mastitis
⁃ Babies with breastfeeding difficulties
⁃ Flat or inverted nipple
⁃ Low milk production or perception of insufficient milk supply
⁃ Oversupply
⁃ Hand expression and/or pumping
⁃ Rapid weaning
⁃ Return to work

Online Midwife Consultation
Registration is not needed.
Weekends and Holidays can be offered by special request.
Anonymous is acceptable and having a camera on is not necessary.

You can consult about childcare and breastfeeding in English while having a one-on-one video call with the midwife in charge (a Japanese woman).
Please have smartphone, PC, and tablet.



Moto Goto(Midwife)

Please share your thoughts and feelings.Let me find the best way for you and your family.I can explain in simple English.

・Comprehensive Perinatal Maternal and Child Health Care Center

Regional Perinatal Maternal and Child Health Care Center

・Clinic(BFH: Baby Friendly Hospital ) 

・High-risk mother and baby care, Antenatal classes, Active Birth, Breastfeeding, Expressing breast milk


Midwife/Nurse/IBCLC/NCPR/School Nurse

◾️Personal experience

Fertility Treatment in Japan and the US

First Child Birth in 2020 in the US

Currently pregnant with second child

How to contact us

  1. Make an appointment (Appointment form/LINE/E-mail)
  2. Wait for us to contact you within the same day to schedule
  3. Once the schedule is confirmed, we will send the URL for payment, please complete the transaction (credit card payment) 
  4. Once payment is confirmed, we will send the URL for the Zoom or Google meet
  5. Start the consultation

Consultation Fee

Credit card payment (including tax)


Cancellation fee
・Within 3 hours : 2,000 yen
・No-show or after scheduled appointment time: 100%

Online Midwife Consultation

How to cancel
Please reach out to us by E-mail or phone if you are unable to make your appointment.